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Do you really need that new Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette, or that new nude lipstick that looks the same as the other 50 nude lipsticks in your makeup bag???

NO! Honey, the answer is NO! You will not die or look any different with the newest cosmetic product on the market! Trust me! We are so conditioned as makeup enthusiasts to buy the latest and greatest in cosmetics! I know at least for me, I am! I love to have the newest lipsticks from my favorite makeup brands, but the reality of it is; we do not really need 100 red lipsticks to look or feel better!

Saying NO! Is hard to do in this “Buy right now” society! It’s definitely hard for me to say NO! to the things I love or “think” I need! When you say NO! you essentially are taking back your power. There is power in saying NO! You take your buying power back when you start to implement discipline in your spending habits. You begin to set boundaries on your needs and wants! This is vital to “adulting”!

Now, let’s be clear! I am not saying stop buying makeup! Because you and I both know, WE LOVE MAKEUP! But we have to start being smart about the products that we feel we need! Not every blush is for you! Think first about your skin tone and color that best suits you and your comfortability, before you swipe your credit card!

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