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EyesByErica’s guide to hiring a makeup artist

Are you getting married? Are you having a baby? Is it your birthday? Or you are just looking to hire a makeup artist for a special occasion or event in your life? Well you need to read this blog before you hire your next makeup artist! Below, I will provide you with the top 5 reasons to hire and research a professional makeup artist.


Research your selected makeup artist on all internet outlets: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. look at their portfolio! Is their portfolio, diversified in clients? Or does it just show a bunch of shameless “selfies” of themselves?? This will show if the selected makeup artist can do makeup on others versus themselves! Just because a makeup artist can perfect their skin and hide their flaws, doesn’t mean that artist can do the same for you! It’s extremely important to get this first tip verified before making your final decision because you are entrusting this individual with your face that you will be representing to the world!


Read the client’s reviews! What are other clients saying about this makeup artist’s work??? Is their even an outlet for you to read their client’s reviews??? Does this makeup artist have a website or platform to view their portfolio or body of work? This information will speak volumes to the value that this artist takes in their craft. Is the makeup artistry displayed in a professional matter that their clients can see their work and add comment or post reviews? Read what their clients say about their makeup experience and take it for face value! Don’t waste your time hiring the wrong makeup artist for your special day.


Ok! So now you have used a makeup artist that you have researched and you like their work! So you schedule your appointment! Please observe if that makeup artist arrived on time for your scheduled appointment! Or were they late and made an excuse about traffic or getting lost??? In this day and age, there are very little excuses for a person getting lost going to a location to do makeup with all of the technology readily available at your fingertips that provide maps and directions to any address in the country!


Personal appearance, hygiene and sanitary procedures! The three major keys of success in makeup artistry for the general public. It is so important when a makeup artist is hired, for that artist to appear professional and well groomed! They need to have neatly manicured hands and nails because they could essentially be coming in contact with your face! And who wants to be touched by someone that they hired that arrives late, smells like a garage truck and looks like road kill! I know this seems trivial to some! But trust me it happens!


Customer Service! Did the artist respond to your makeup inquiry in a timely fashion? The standard should be a response within 24 hrs. Were they respectful to you? Did they use professional vocabulary? And lastly did that artist arrive on time to your makeup appointment! Also, make sure to ask what makeup products that they use in their makeup kit? Are they brands that your recognize and are comfortable being used on your skin? If possible, especially if it is your wedding, request to book a makeup trial. Most makeup artists charge a fee for makeup trials, but it is very important to assure that your are comfortable with your makeup for your special day!

These are just a few tips to review before booking your next makeup artist! I know these tips will assure you in looking and feeling your best! Now click on the contact me section and book your next makeup appointment with EYESBYERICA😘

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