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EyesByErica’s Guide to the Perfect Red Lip

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I will show you have to achieve the perfect red lip!

Step 1:

Condition and moisturize your lips so your lip products apply smoothly.

I recommend the following: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
perfect red lips

Step 2:

Apply Lip primer to create a barrier between your lips and the lips products that your use to keep your lip products in place and it increased the staying power of color on your lips.

I recommend the following: MAC Lip primer
perfect red lip

Step 3:

Line your lips with a waterproof lip liner to define your desired lip shape. You can follow your natural lip shape or over line your lips for a fuller appearance.

I recommend the following: Makeup Forever Aqua Lip liner 8C
perfect red lip

Step 4:

Now for the fun part! RED HOT LIPS! Apply your favorite red lipstick product to the entire lip area for maximum coverage and the best desired appearance.

I recommend the following: Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso
perfect red lip

Step 5 (Optional):

This step is optional and does not have to be followed; adding a shiny finish! Lipgloss!!! But if you do, it will add extra dimension and maximum shine to your Perfect Red Lip! So pucker up because your lips will be irresistible ?.

I recommend the following: Lancome Gloss in Love #162
perfect red lips

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