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Let Your Skin Breathe!

Listen up makeup enthusiasts, I’m going to share with you one of my biggest makeup secrets! Allow your skin a break and lay off the makeup for a while! I know you love a good beat face; but honey, STEP away from the brushes, bronzer and blush! Give your face and skin time to heal and repair from the natural elements for a day or two! I promise your coveted Ruby Woo lipstick is not going to be mad at you! And your natural skin will thank you for that makeup sabbatical!

Letting your skin breathe welcomes a flawless canvas when you are ready to wear makeup again! Any great artist or illustrator will tell you that the medium and canvas are the keys to any masterpiece! And this is the same in makeup; your skin is your canvas and you need to treat it as such! Cleaning your skin with a good cleanser and moisturizer is the holy grail to aiding in impeccable looking skin!

Now, don’t skip the oil! People with oily skin cringe when they are hear oil is what breaks down makeup! But it’s true, oil is amazing for skin! Having oily skin is actually a blessing because people with oily skin age slower and the signs of aging are reduced with oily skin! So embrace your natural oil and use oil in your skincare and makeup routines.

I suggest Argan Essential Oil by Maple Holistics…

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For more information on improving your skin, check out https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/beauty-aging/9-lifestyle-changes-better-skin-health/

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