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What is Beauty?

A few weeks, I was asked to speak to a group of teenage girls about balanced beauty and makeup. And the opening experience of this mentorship program was to write down your definition of beauty and share that definition with the group. This was such an eye opening lesson for me.

The True Meaning of Beauty

As a member of the beauty industry, the true answer to the question “What is Beauty is so apparent to me! But to teenage girls and others, the definition is not so evident! During the sharing experience, I never once heard anyone say that they were the definition of beauty! So, basically, none of the teenage girls thought they were beautiful!!!! WOW!!! Really????? Is this the society, that we live in, where we don’t even think of ourselves as beautiful???? Where are we getting these images of beauty??? Is it media, movies, magazines, social networking, friends, family, work or school???

What it means to be a makeup artist

As a makeup artist, where my primary duty is to make people look beautiful, my goal is to make every client that I come across feel beautiful! Beauty is light! And we are light! And we are a reflection of that light on the universe! And every single person that you encounter is a reflection of their own beauty! So we are all beautiful in our own light! So go share your light and beauty with the world! You have the whole world to shine too!

Explore Beauty & Consciousness

Also, please read this awesome article at your leisure that asks if Dallas woman wear too much makeup by Sarah Hepola, that got her makeup done by me in 2013. It is a very interesting read that explores beauty and consciousness. Feel free to share this blog post and/or article! And discuss and dialogue the topic of beauty among your friends, family and peers!

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